Office Moves

Office moves can be as stressful as a house move, especially if you run a small business or are the person with overall responsibility for the move.

Ideally, an office move should be completed with little or no disruption to day-to-day activities and to achieve this we’ll work with you to plan the move down to the last detail.

To start off, we will discuss the logistics with you and create a timetable for completing the move. Many small businesses choose to move in the evening, larger ones over a weekend, to keep disruption to a minimum.

We’ll make sure details of how to pack the contents of desks, files and cupboards are covered along with arrangements for moving computers, photocopiers and other electrical equipment.

If required, we’ll supply you with packaging materials and boxes for items that you would prefer to pack yourselves a few days before the move.

On the day before the move, or on the day of the move, our staff will arrive to complete any packing, undertake the move and get everything in its designated place in your new premises.

After the move we can provide a few of our guys to help you with any adjustments needed to you office layout.

We can also help you with additional services, including:

• Archive storage
• Furniture & office equipment storage
• Minor office refurbishment, painting, carpet cleaning, etc.
• Rubbish disposal
• Tidying and cleaning the office you have left

And if you don’t need a complete office moving service, we can also help you with occasional moving of boxes and equipment between branches; delivery of parcels to customers in the UK and Europe; recycling and disposal of paper, computers, electrical equipment and rubbish.

To find out more about any of these services simply give us a call or contact us and we’ll give you a quote or arrange to meet you to discuss your needs.

And to help you with your office move, we’ve put together some key office moving advice for you to follow.

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